Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Fun Toy: Tricky Fingers

I was at a Craft and Vendor Fair on the weekend, for the first time, with my toys!

It was a fantastic afternoon.... many, many children were attracted by my "wares" and parents were equally as interested! I mean, seriously, why wouldn't they come see my table? Discovery Toys are SO colourful and attractive you can't help but be drawn to them.... and you can tell they are well made! Like I tell everyone, as a mom I am looking for toys that are SAFE and FUN that help my kids LEARN.... and that, my friends, is exactly what a DT toy delivers!

But, as exciting as all that was for me, it was not want I wanted to talk about today.... I wanted to let you know about TRICKY FINGERS.


When I first saw this toy, I wasn't really sure about it.... however, since it came in the mail, and I have been playing it, I totally get why it is one of DT's best selling toys! It is addictive!

So, basically, you get two of the marble-filled cases and a set of cards with a grid/pattern on them. The goal is to get the different coloured marbles in your case to copy the pattern of the coloured circles on the card. You can play it solo, or challenge yourself against a friend to see who can complete the grid the quickest!

This toy was one  of the ones I displayed on the weekend, and I was thrilled by the diversity of people who played it! Two little 6 year old girls kept coming back and playing it over and over again! A tween boy was also quite taken by it, and I had Moms and grandparents playing it too - one fellow even wanted it to take to the cabin!

You can get Tricky Fingers and other toys form DT's Clever Connectors collection here. 

Remember to....
Play Every Day!

“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” 
– George Bernard Shaw

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